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This collection was inspired by OSIN, a Badagry word for WATER, it's nature, benefits, effects on us, and its ability to exist in different states. When frozen it solidifies, when heated it evaporates, when touched it shakes with a slight rapid motion. It can be silent just like the still ponds, whispers just like the running streams and loud just like the raging sea.

The colours, fabrics and textures used for this ss19 collection pay homage to the BUBA with its loosely fitted silhouette and IPELE a popular Yoruba sash that adds class and completeness to the traditional Yoruba outfit as it drapes on the shoulder. This is boldly represented by well-coordinated pleats falling from the shoulder to the waistline and further bringing attention to the hipline. I also used three-tier fringes to create some motion around the pocket finished with custom woven fabrics made possible by a local textile artist in Portsmouth (name).

In the words of Fela, ‘’water no get enemy’ ’meaning, water is irreplaceable, it is indispensable, and no one can do without it. It will always be an essential part of life, just as this ss19 collection is created to be timeless.