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ic: Ethically made green women's blouse. Adaptive Clothing


Our Mausi blouse drew inspiration from the traditional Dansiki tunic popularly worn by men from South Western Nigeria and across West Africa .

AGB153 – Yoruba Style: mid twentieth century Yoruba formal men’s outfit from Nigeria.


It's distinct features are the hand stiched embroidery around the neckline, wide sleeves and godets, which forms a unique flare around the hem that it tapers to the waistline to give it some definition. It is mostly paired with Kembe trousers (Cropped Culotte).


1. De-constructed this Vintage piece by making it into a six panel wrap or asymmetric blouse with a well finished half lined interior without tampering with its original silhouette.

2. More attention drawn to the waistline by making the godet bigger and longer, thus exaggerating the hem line to make it fuller and even more appealing to people of all shapes and size.

3. Concealed snap fasteners to make it easy to wear and adaptable for all occasions.
4. Sleeve is slightly extended to give it a contemporary feel.


  • The Mausi danshiki blouse can be paired with our sewande midi culotte to mimic how it is traditionally designed to be worn.
  • It can be rocked as a short dress due to its below hip line length.
  • it can be paired with jeans.
  • it can also double as a light weight jacket with a plain longsleve shirt  underneath. can creatively sneak in a fedora hat to transform the look and feel all together.
  • In a nutshell, the blouse is versatile enough to suit all.personalities and occasions.


  • It is a confidence booster, suitable for people of all shapes and sizes.
  • It is not just a garment, it is a mix of history, art and culture expressed through fashion.
  • It is unique and affordable and timeless. We don't do fast fashion. 

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